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Limited rooms are available for the Pollstar Awards
at the Residence Inn for Feb. 2 only.

Check back frequently through January 20 using the reservation links in your conference registration confirmation to see if any rooms have become available through cancellations.

Registration Rates for Pollstar Live! 2017

Pollstar Live! 2017 Registration Rates (includes the 28th Annual Pollstar Awards) (Production Live! 2017 registration not included).

  • ADVANCE POLLSTAR LIVE! 2017 (valid from October 1 through November 30)    $799
  • LATE POLLSTAR LIVE! 2017    $899

Production Live! 2017 Only  (Pollstar Live! and the 28th Annual Pollstar Awards not included)

  • ADVANCE PRODUCTION LIVE (October 1 through November 30)   $149

Production Live! is not limited to production personnel. Anyone who registers for Pollstar Live! 2017 would benefit from attending Production Live! 2017.

BEST DEAL! – Production Live! 2017 AND Pollstar Live! 2017  (Combination Registration includes the 28th Annual Pollstar Awards)

  • ADVANCE COMBO (valid from October 1 through November 30)    $849
  • LATE COMBO    $949

28th Annual Pollstar Awards  (One ticket included with each Pollstar Live! 2017 registration or Pollstar Live! 2017 / Production Live! 2017 combo registration)

  • SINGLE TICKET    $150

Registration Refund Policy for Pollstar Live! 2017 and Production Live! 2017

A full refund less a $50.00 handling fee is available if cancelled in writing no later than December 1, 2016. A 50% refund is available for written cancellations received no later than January 1, 2017.
No refunds after January 1.

Except as noted above, Pollstar Live! 2017 and Production Live! 2017 payments are non-refundable for any reason including, but not limited to, non-use of Pollstar Live! 2017 or Production Live! 2017 credentials due to illness, acts of God, travel-related problems, natural disasters or loss of employment. Unpaid registrations or unused registrations have no value and cannot be credited.

Registration may be transferred to another person for Pollstar Live! 2017 and Production Live! 2017.

Notification of a transfer must be received by Pollstar in writing from the registrant of record or their agent designating the new recipient of the purchased registration.

Pollstar Live! 2017 and Production Live! 2017 management reserves the right to refuse service or participation at its sole discretion.

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