Agents Live!

At Pollstar Live! 2017 in Los Angeles, forty agencies of all sizes converged for what is now known as “the closing reception of the conference” – Agents Live!, a room filled with signs, pamphlets, handshakes, appetizers and an open bar.

Keeping that tradition intact for 2018, Agents Live! is a place where buyers can not only talk to agents face-to-face but to check out their client rosters and see what fits.

All Pollstar Live! 2018 registrants are encouraged to attend Agents Live!

Agents Live! is the perfect event at the right time and location for wheelin’ and dealin’… before heading to the 29th Annual Pollstar Awards.


For agencies to participate in Agents Live! your agency must represent exclusively nationally touring acts and have at least one paid full Pollstar Live! registration.

Pollstar will provide signage with your agency logo (all signage remains property of Pollstar). Your agency will also be provided with a 6 foot draped table to display promotional materials.

There is a $250 Agents Live! setup fee. This fee will be waived with three paid Pollstar Live! registrations.

Agents Live! is limited to 40 agencies.

Please provide your logo in the following format:

Adobe Illustrator eps; CMYK; no spot color or RGB; all fonts converted to paths; no imported or embedded images. (We cannot guarantee optimum quality using formats other than the above).

Agencies – to confirm your space or for more information, please click to email Stephanie Bridgemon at Pollstar.